La Tourelle Resort and Spa
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La Tourelle Resort and Spa
Our Green Mission

La Tourelle, August Moon Spa and The Bistro are fully committed to reducing our negative impact on the environment. We believe in best practices for environmental management, including waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and repurchasing. The 4 R's.

We are dedicated to becoming a sustainable business, because these practices generate environmental, financial and social benefits to us, our community, and our planet. Every time a member of our staff practices waste reduction, reuse, recycling and repurchasing - we help save energy, conserve natural resources for our children's future, and promote cost efficiency by reducing wasted resources.

La Tourelle, August Moon and The Bistro will demonstrate that we are dedicated to environmental responsibility, by setting goals and objectives, and implementing practices and procedures for each of the hotel, spa and food operations. A Green Team, made up of staff and management, will lead these efforts, and will endeavor to inspire fellow employees, guests and suppliers to actively participate in these efforts.

Our Green Objectives:

  • Waste reduction and re-use
  • Green purchasing and green cleaning
  • Energy use reduction
  • Eliminate release of contaminants to the water column
  • Minimize release of pollutants to the atmosphere
  • Natural areas management
  • Local and regional food and supplies purchasing
  • Employee, guest and supplier participation in green efforts
  • Exploration of solar and wind energy to reduce reliance on fossil fuels
  • Continual evaluation of program successes and challenges
  • Promote good environmental practices to all we come in contact with

Our Green Accomplishments to Date:

  • Acceptance into New York State's Green Hotels "Greenleaf" Program, a partnership between New York State, RPI and Audubon International. La Tourelle currentrly enjoys a rating of three leaves (out of 4).
  • Acceptance into the NY State Energy Research and Development Authority NYSERDA Program, including a comprehensive energy audit and government support to implement energy saving initiatives including replacement of windows, light bulbs and fixtures, furnaces and hot water heaters. Guiding us in these efforts is ASI Energy.
  • Member, Sponsor and Active Participant in:
    • Tompkins County Solid Waste Re-Business Partner
    • Sustainable Tompkins - La Tourelle has received several Green Awards
    • Green Resource Hub & Sustainable Enterprise and Entrepreneur Network

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