La Tourelle Resort and Spa
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La Tourelle Resort and Spa
Meeting Facilitation Services

You want your meetings to be productive and provide solutions, outcomes, and results. Outside facilitators have been shown to produce better results when a team needs to strategize, make decisions, and solve problems. Pure Perspectives provides professional facilitators who help by assuring that your meetings stay focused on the agenda, proceed in timely manner, and remain civil, lively, and goal oriented. Let us do the hard work, so you can do the meaningful work.

You have a goal for your team meeting. Sometimes, we all need a little boost to get in the right frame of mind to get down to business and be productive. Why not inspire your team with an engaging, informative, and entertaining keynote by one of Pure Perspectives' speakers? We are prepared to talk on topics ranging from surviving homelessness, to leading from your shadow side, to wilderness expeditions that yielded some important life lessons, to a topic you might have a desire to hear about. Our speakers come with a lifetime of stories and a wealth of experience, which provides for talks which will...engage, inform, and entertain. Let us set the stage for a productive meeting.

Your meeting agenda can be enhanced with new information that can be incorporated into the discussions. Whether you are looking for your meeting to solve a problem, strategize for the future, or make important decisions, our mini-workshops can provide opportunities to expand your team's skill set in any of those areas. Facilitators from Pure Perspectives can cover topics including effective group decision making, non-violent communication, staying safe and effective in times of high stress, managing energy in more sustainable ways, and new ways to look at leadership. Let us have an hour or two, and your meetings can become doubly productive.

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