It's A New Year!

We wished 2020 farewell and welcomed 2021 with open arms 3 weeks ago already! It seems this rollercoaster has an end in sight and we are grateful you have found us, trusted us, stayed with us, and shared this experience in some part at La Tourelle Hotel and August Moon Spa. We look forward to an amazing year ahead of us and seeing all of your smiling faces (even if its still behind a mask)!

August Moon Spa is open and available for all of your relaxation needs! Call today for the most up to date info on their availbility!

Our Bistro remains operational out of newly renovated Banquet Hall. Social distancing is enhanced with a brand new GPS Ionizer and filter, face coverings are still required when not seated, and we are looking forward to spring time weather and heated patio seating!

The entire team at La Tourelle has been the backbone of our family business this last year. Every single person has stepped up to the plate, taking temperature checks daily, working hard with masks on, cleaning then sanitizing then cleaning again, and thinking always - how can we make this experience better for our beloved guests who are trusting us with this weekend away. Thank you to our entire team and thank you for every guest that has patronized our family business whether recently, long ago, or hopefully someday soon. 

Ithaca remains a safe place to visit with the overwhelming majority of locals taking every precaution required and a little extra for good measure. 

While many restaurants and wineries remain open there has been a shift in hours and days of operations and some business choosing to take their own vacation from 2020 so we encourage our guests to reach out for recommendations and befriend the google search engine for the most up to date information!

As safe, be well, love your loved ones, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.