Top 3 Breweries in Ithaca

Finger Lakes Beer Trail

Top 3 Breweries in Ithaca, NY

Beer lovers from New York are well-acquainted with the Finger Lakes Beer Trail, a sweeping directory to breweries in the area. The trail extends across the Finger Lakes regions and even includes breweries in Ithaca, NY. If your quest takes you here, who better to serve as your guide than us at La Tourelle. Our conveniently-located hotel places you among some of the best breweries in New York near our Finger Lakes resort.  

Ithaca Beer Company

Sitting on a beautiful rural farm between two New York state parks, Ithaca Beer Company has a proud history as a local brewery. Originating in 1998, this family-run business is best known for its flagship Flower Power IPA that has been distributed in 15 states and recognized by Food & Wine as one of the “25 Most Important American Craft Beers Ever Brewed.” Beyond the Flower Power IPA, Ithaca Beer Company also features year-round beers, including a wheat ale, a brown ale, and several sodas like ginger beer and root beer. Don’t forget to grab a bite to eat so you can savor their farm-sourced ingredients!

Liquid State Brewing Company

As a relative newcomer among the breweries in Ithaca, NY, it hasn’t taken Liquid State Brewing Company long to make a name for themselves. Their primary focus is on quality, as they brew smaller batches of beer with their 20 hectoliter brewhouse. Their beer offerings consist mainly of various IPAs, Belgians, and German beer styles; however, you’ll also find a seltzer, hemp water, and a smattering of ciders and wines featured from other establishments near our Ithica hotel. And though they only offer chips and soft pretzels in the beer hall, you can always step outside and order authentic Mexican fare at the Dos Amigos food truck. 

Hopshire Farm & Brewery

It’s no mirage; Hopshire Farm & Brewery is yet another family-run brewery located on a farm right outside of Ithaca—only ten miles from our New York spa resort. Unique to Hopshire, though, the beer is brewed in a brew barn which includes a precise recreation of a New York hop kiln. Their devotion to 19th-century brewing approaches makes Hopshire stand out from other breweries in Ithaca, NY. Their highlighted beers include an Irish dry stout, a Scottish ale, and a flavorful hefe, among others. Their attention to detail has their guests appreciating the fresh taste of New York-grown hops in every sip! 

Hops Aboard to These Breweries in Ithaca, NY

Visitors and locals alike adore the various breweries in Ithaca, NY. Between the more intimate brew hall of Liquid State to the spacious and charming farm settings of Ithaca Beer Company and Hopshire, there’s something for everyone. If the natural hillside setting is for you, consider staying at our hotel in Ithica, NY—La Tourelle. Our chateau-style resort places you within the Finger Lakes' peaceful region, complete with cozy accommodations and a replenishing spa. Start planning your Finger Lakes brewery crawl and check our availability online (or connect with our friendly staff at 607-273-2734). Your ideal getaway at our luxury hotel in Ithica, NY, awaits!