5 Unique & Socially-Distanced Finger Lake Activities


5 Unique & Socially-Distanced Finger Lake Activities

As the spring slowly fades into summer, there is no shortage of endeavors to behold in the Finger Lakes region. We here at La Tourelle, for example, have more than 70 acres available to explore on top of an onsite spa and nightly wine tastings. However, during a pandemic, participating in everyday activities can get tricky. If you are worried about your safety yet don’t want that to get in the way of a little fun, then you’ve come to the right place. Contrary to belief, there are plenty of things to keep you busy while staying safe. Here are five Finger Lakes activities that are perfectly set up for social distancing! 

1. Hike the Grounds

Though it may come as no surprise, hiking is an excellent way to stay active, take in the stunning scenery, and social distance without really even having to try. If the 70 acres of lawns, ponds, gardens, fields, and forest wasn’t enough here at La Tourelle, make your way to the hotel’s Buttermilk Trail which will lead you straight to the awe-inspiring Buttermilk Falls State Park. Hiking and social distancing go hand in hand! 

2. Dine at The Bistro at La Tourelle 

Providing a delectable menu in a spot where the good life meets good food, The Bistro at La Tourelle is a dining experience you won’t want to miss out on. Throughout this ever-changing world health situation, The Bistro has had to incorporate additional safety measures, but that hasn’t altered the dining experience too much, as La Tourelle has always provided top-notch safety for all hotel guests and residents. The Bistro itself has moved into the Farmhouse (formerly the steakhouse) allowing significant social distancing of no less than 6 feet between tables complete with dividers placed in key areas.

3. Retreat to Your Room

What better way to social distance than to close yourself off from the world and enjoy the serenity and tranquility that comes with relaxing in your very own room? Feel at peace in your own private space and take some time to simply relax with the numerous amenities available to you including views of the valley from your private patio, cozying up to the wood-burning fireplace, or sprawling out comfortably in your king-sized bed. Though it may not be the most exciting Finger Lakes activity, it certainly is the most relaxing. 

4. Head to Cayuga Lake

Naturally set up for social distancing, Cayuga Lake stretches over 40 miles so you won’t have to worry about crossing anyone's path! As the longest of all of the Finger Lakes, Cayuga lends itself wonderfully to any and all water-based activities including fishing, swimming, boating, kayaking, and sailing. Simply traverse the extensive waters or take up any of the Finger Lakes water activities that suit you! 

5. Explore the Cornell Botanical Gardens

Now open to the public, the Cornell Botanical Gardens offer a diverse cultivated collection of plants sure to impress even the most accomplished botanist. Make your way through the various gardens as you take in the sights and smells of some of the most beautiful plants in the entire state of New York. Still worried about having enough space to social distance? You’re in luck, as guests can take in this Finger Lake activity on a virtual tour complete with expert narration.  

Safety First With These Finger Lakes Activities

No matter how you want to spend your time in the Finger Lakes region, you can arrive knowing that there are safe options around every corner. Whether you want to get out and explore while socially distancing or stay put and enjoy your own peace and privacy, there is no shortage of safe Finger Lakes activities to partake in. And if you’re tired of being cooped up and want to return to a bit of normalcy, you can’t do much better than a stay at La Tourelle. Featuring updated safety protocols designed to keep both guests and staff safe, there’s no doubt you’ll uncover your own comfort zone. Give us a call at 607-273-2734 to start planning your socially distanced Finger Lakes activities today!