Where to Find Gorgeous Ithaca Waterfalls: Summer Edition


Where to Find Gorgeous Ithaca Waterfalls: Summer Edition

In continuation of The 6 Prettiest Finger Lakes Waterfalls: Winter Edition blog, today we will highlight the best Ithaca waterfalls you can see during the summertime. With over 150 picturesque waterfalls within a ten-mile radius, it’s no surprise that our town has gained the moniker “Ithaca is gorges!” Whether you want to hike through glacially carved landscapes or admire waterfalls from easily accessible overlooks, there is a waterfall for everyone in Ithaca!


Stay with us at La Tourelle and start chasing waterfalls from our premier Finger Lakes Hotel. Our Buttermilk Trail connects with the paths at Buttermilk Falls State Park, so you can easily access one of the best local waterfalls right out your back door. 

Buttermilk Falls

Begin your search for Ithaca waterfalls from La Tourelle by taking the Buttermilk Trail. This is one of the most visited waterfalls in town since it is easily accessible. Buttermilk Falls cascade down the gorge rock in two distinct drops, with the tallest section falling 165 feet. During the summer months, you can cool off from the heat at the natural swimming pool at the base of the falls. You can see an additional nine waterfalls in the park by combining the Gorge Trail and Rim Trail into your hike.

Taughannock Falls

Taughannock Falls is the tallest single-drop waterfall east of the Rockies, plunging 215 feet down an impressive 400-foot cliff. You can park at Taughannock Park Road to see the falls from an overlook or take the Gorge Trail to see the Lower Falls and Taughannock Falls. 

Robert H. Treman State Park Waterfalls

Robert H. Treman State Park offers visitors an opportunity to see 12 incredible waterfalls in one stop. Hike the Rim and Gorge Trails winding along the rugged Enfield Glen gorge to see all of the waterfalls in the park. Lucifer Falls is the largest waterfall in the park, cascading 115 feet. You can also see Enfield Falls here, a 70-foot waterfall with a refreshing swimming hole.

Downtown Ithaca Waterfalls

You don’t have to head to a state park to see impressive Ithaca waterfalls. You can visit several waterfalls in Downtown Ithaca when you start your adventure from the Downtown Visitor Center. The Cascadilla Gorge Trail connects downtown to the Cornell campus along a scenic gorge where you can see eight impressive waterfalls. Other waterfalls downtown not on the trails are Ithaca Falls and Businessman’s Lunch Falls.

Stay at Our Finger Lakes Hotel near Ithaca Waterfalls

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